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With a host of features, customizations options and integrations, Landing Page Promoter is an all-in-one toolkit for off-Amazon product promotions


Build an Amazon Landing Page Quickly

Our gorgeous landing pages are optimized  for all devices so you can get the highest conversion rate possible. We also use state of the art hosting so you your pages load lighting fast.

Your landing pages include branding options, scarcity timer, product images, product description, videos, FAQ and ad compliant footer. Best of all, creating a landing page with Landing Page Promoter takes just a few minutes to setup.

Capture Your Customer’s Emails

Landing Page Promoter allows you to capture emails in exchange for Amazon coupon codes – in an automated way.

Building an email list lets you reduce your dependence on Amazon while building your brand assets.

These emails can then be used for cross product promotions, launching new products, when you need a rankings boost or for just building a relationship with your customer!

Automate Coupon Distribution

Landing Page Promoter makes distributing coupon codes easy. We remove the cumbersome process of manually sending out codes.

Using single use coupon is the safest way to run promotions and boost your sales.

Maximize The Ranking Benefit Of Your Promotions

With our URL builder tool you can quickly create links that will give you the most ranking boost possible. Currently there are three options (Normal URL, SuperURL, Search & Buy URL).

The tool also contains a rotating feature which allows you to rotate between several different links for ranking multiple keywords.

Facebook Chatbot Campaigns

Harness the power of Facebook Messenger chatbots to maximize conversion during your promotions.

Landing Page Promoter can connect with your Facebook chatbot so you can reduce friction in your funnel when promoting your Amazon products with Facebook ads.

Integrates With Your Favorite Email Marketing Software

Easily sync your email opt-ins with your favorite email marketing tool









More Coming Soon…

Analytics & Conversion Tracking

Track your conversions and data with Facebook Pixel, TikTok Pixel, and Google Analytics. You can also include custom Javascript on your pages to maximize every campaign.

Facebook Pixel

Google Analytics

Custom Scripts

TikTok Pixel Integration

Tiktok Pixel

Multiple Marketplaces

Landing Page Promoter works with Amazon US, UK, DE, IT, FR, ES and IN. Manual campaigns can be created for the CA, JP, AU, BR, CN and MX marketplaces.

We support the following languages: English, German, Italian, Spanish, French.

State-of-the-art Technology

For hosting your landing pages we use the premier cloud hosting company Heroku and Amazon S3. Your credentials are encrypted using OpenSSL AES 256-bit encryption. CloudFlare also provides another layer of security.

For email delivery, we use SendGrid, the market leader in transactional emailing. We carefully configured our servers and messages so that our emails pass all spam filters. All our emails received 10/10 score with Mail Tester (an extensive spam testing tool).


Amazon S3



Filtering & Security

Landing Page Promoter comes with a number of security options to reduce fraudulent coupon claims and other malicious actions.

  • Required email opt-in. (Requires your prospect to enter their email to access their coupon code)
  • Required email verification. (Requires your prospect to click a confirmation link in their inbox)
  • Limit coupons to one code per email address
  • Limit coupons to one code per IP address
  • Block temporary and junk email addresses (Constantly updated from a database)
  • Restrict the daily number of coupons you send for each campaign

Detailed Feature List

Custom Sub-domains

Host your pages on your own site with a sub-domain

Scarcity Indicators

Boost your conversion rates with scarcity indicators

Video Player

Easily include YouTube, Wistia, Vimeo videos on your landing pages

Facebook Chatbot Funnels

Send your prospects to a Facebook Messenger chatbot

Automated Emails

Automatically send your prospects coupon and follow-up emails

Filter & Export Contacts

Filter your contacts by campaign, ASIN or status, or export them to a CSV

FAQ Section

Add a FAQ section to your landing page to increase conversions

URL Builder Tool

Create SuperURL’s and Storefront URL’s with our simple tool. Easily rotate between links in whatever weighting you desire.

Multiple Page Themes

We continually add new landing page themes

Analytics Dashboard

Track your page views, users, conversions and conversion rate


Schedule start and end dates for your campaigns

Daily Coupon Limits

Set restrictions on how many coupons can be claimed daily

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