How To Build Optimized Facebook Audiences To Sell Your Amazon Products

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There are many factors that go into making a Facebook advertising campaign effective. Your campaign type, ad creative, copy, offer, landing page are all important variables that can make or break a campaign. However, one of the most overlooked (and critical) factors is the audience you are targeting. Even if all of the other factors are optimized if you are advertising to the wrong audience you won’t achieve a positive outcome.

The best way to build a relevant audience on Facebook to sell your Amazon products is to use previous customer data to build a custom audience. Facebook’s ‘Custom Audience’ feature allows advertisers to input customer information which Facebook will then use to locate the correct user on their platform. But it doesn’t stop there, Facebook also has a feature called ‘Lookalike Audiences’ which allows advertisers to take this ‘Custom Audience’ they have created and then build another audience of similar users using Facebook’s powerful algorithm.

So if you have a list of 1000 purchasers of your product, Facebook can take this seed audience and then built a list of 2million + users who are similar to the original list. You can then further improve the quality of this audience by overlaying it with other targeting options such as demographics, location, interest and behavior targeting.

This is the best way to ensure you have the highest quality audience for targeting your Facebook ads.

How Can We Build These Profitable Audiences?

Fortunately Amazon provides you with enough data so you can built a custom audience based on your purchase history. You can export your customer data from Amazon and input your customers name and physical address into Facebook. If this data matches on Facebook (it won’t all of the time!) then this will build your custom audience. Obviously this dataset won’t be as complete as having an email and phone number but even if only a small % of the audience matches it will still provide you with a very profitable list that you can leverage.

Unfortunately, the process of building this list manually is very time consuming. You will need third-party software just to export the customer list in a useable format. You will then need to manually filter the data (ie. if you only want customers who bought a single product, or you want to filter out customers who used a coupon code to purchase). You will then need to repeat this periodically to ensure you are feeding the audience with new data.

It could take you several hours a month just to manage a single audience. Now if you have multiple products in different niches it could become a full time job!

That is why we have come up with a solution that will ensure your custom audiences are of the highest quality and will also save you HOURS of time each month.

Amazon to Facebook Custom Audience Automation with Landing Page Promoter

It works by integrating your Amazon account with Landing Page Promoter, we periodically (every 4 hours) pull your data from Amazon, filter it according to your requirements and then push it to Facebook to continually build a custom audience based on your Amazon customers.

Getting Setup

1. Integrating with Amazon MWS

The first thing you need to do is to connect your Amazon account with Landing Promoter. This allows us to access a limited amount of data from your Amazon account that we can then push to Facebook to built your custom audiences. We do this via integrating with the Amazon MWS API.

Click ‘Integrations’ at the top of the dashboard and then click Amazon MWS. From their click Add New MWS Integration, select your region, Press Continue and follow the guide to complete the integration.

We will now pull your customer data from Amazon. This process could take a few hours so please be patient.

2. Connecting your Facebook Account

The next step whilst your data is being pull from Amazon is to connect your Facebook account.

To do this click Super Tools from the top menu and then Facebook Audiences.

Click Connect Facebook Account and then follow the prompts.

After connecting click create new audience. Select the ad account you want to the audience under and choose whether you will create a new audience or select an existing audience. Press continue to go to the next step.

IMPORTANT! If you have never used the custom audience feature on Facebook you will need to accept Facebook’s Terms of Service before you can create an audience in Landing Promoter. To do this, navigate to the Audience section in the Facebook ad manager and create a new audience. A prompt should appear, read and accept their terms to continue. If you intend to use the LTV (lifetime value) matching feature select ‘Customer File’ and then ‘Include LTV for better performing lookalikes’. A prompt should appear again, accept the terms to gain access to this feature.

3. Filtering your customer data

Before pushing the  data to Facebook we provide the option of filtering it first so you can ensure you are building the highest quality audience possible.

How much filtering you apply to the audience depends on how much data you have. We recommend you build an audience of a minimum 1000. If your audience is smaller than this it might be detrimental to your results.

Here are the filtering options:

Customer Lifetime Value

The total amount your customer has spent purchasing your products on Amazon. If you have lots of repeat customers you might only want to include customers who have spent over a certain amount.

Discount Received

If you have run discounted coupon campaigns you might want to exclude customers who have claimed a coupon as these customers are usually lower quality than customers who purchased at full price.

Repeat Customers

Here you can include/exclude repeat customers.

Product Purchased

This allows you to filter the customer based on the product they purchased from you.

Remove Customers from Audience

If you have a high velocity of sales you might want to remove the customer after X amount of time so your list is constantly refreshed.

Exclude Non-Amazon customers

If you are selling outside of Amazon and using FBA for fulfillment you might want to to remove Non-Amazon customers from your list since you already have their customer information.

Ranked by LTV

This feature increases the quality of your lookalike audience by ranking your customers by weighting the value of the customer based on how much they purchased.

Choose when we start the data pull from. The earliest we can pull is one year in the past.

Once you have selected the filtering options press Create Audience to finalize the audience.

It will take a few hours for your list to populate and be available for advertising on Facebook.

4. Creating Lookalike audiences on Facebook

Once your custom audience has finished populating you can now build a lookalike from it. To do this, navigate to the Audience section in your Facebook Ad Manager click ‘Create Audience’ and then ‘Create Lookalike Audience’ from the dropdown. Select your custom audience as the source, choose your region, select the size of your audience (we recommend 1% to start) and then click ‘Create Audience’. Give it a few hours to populate.

5. Selecting the audience when setting up your Adsets

You can select your audience for your Facebook advertising campaign in the Adset section of the setup.

In the adset section of the setup, navigate to the ‘Audience’ section and select your lookalike or custom audience in the ‘Custom Audiences’ field.

You can then narrow your audience further with the other targeting options available.

6. That it!

You are now targeting what is likely to be a high quality audience segment that should lead to profitable Amazon sales 🙂

What are the best ways to leverage the Facebook Custom Audience automation?

You can use this Facebook automation in several ways. The only limit is your creativity.

Here are some of the way we recommend utilizing the Amazon to Facebook custom audience automation.

New Customer Acquisition

As mentioned above, you could use lookalike audiences from your previous purchases to identify potential new customers. Its important you present your customer with an irresistible offer, so we recommend using Landing Page Promoter to offer them a discount or a buy one get one offer. Remember the aim is to get a customer and increase ranking on Amazon (not to maximize profit), so even if you break even or lose a bit of money per each sale you will still come out ahead.

Post Sale Engagement/ Review Request

For each of your products you could create a custom audience for all new customers. You could then setup an ad on Facebook asking for feedback or a review, you could even offer them something of value such as a future discount or information relating to their purchase.

Remember it is important not to ask for a review in exchange for something, so the wording you use is incredibly important.


If you have a product line or sell an accessory to your core product you could advertise these products via a Facebook ad to your previous customer. For example if you sold a phone you could then advertise a phone case or an external battery charger to the same customer. Remember to link it to their original purchase somehow to increase conversion rate.

Increasing LTV

If your product is consumable, or it is likely your customer will want to repurchase your product, you could advertise the same product to your customer after a certain amount of time. For example, if you sell a skin cream and know that on average your customer will consume the product in 60 days then you could setup an ad for the same product and hit them with it after 60 days (possibly with a small discount using Landing Page Promoter to entice them).

These are only a few ways you can use this feature.

I hope this article has been helpful.

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